Property Management Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-12-13T21:03:18+00:00

Finding the right property manager to care for your rental home or building is important. Here are answers to some of the questions that many of our property owners and investors have when they first reach out to us.

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How long does it typically take for you to rent a property?2021-12-09T19:13:39+00:00

Finding a tenant happens fairly quickly, usually within 1 week; however, there are factors that might apply such as the season, the condition of the property and the status of the market.  We take the time to properly vet each applicant in order to find the highest quality person.


What steps do you take to get my property rented?2021-12-09T19:13:18+00:00

Getting your property rented takes a combination of marketing, pricing, and a bit of elbow grease.  We advertise your property online via portal sites like Zillow or the MLS, as well as local search engines like Craigslist.  We also do a pre-check to make sure your property is in the condition needed to rent it quickly, make any needed repairs or touch-ups, and take professional photos to make your listing really stand out in a crowd.  We are proud to boast a 0.4% vacancy rate for 2020.


Who shows my property?2021-12-09T19:13:14+00:00

When it is time to show your property to a potential tenant, you do not need to be present.  Either a property manager or one of our agents will be present for all showings.

Which lease types do you use?2021-12-09T19:13:20+00:00

Our single-family home rental leases are 12-month leases per the California Association of Realtors standard lease agreement, and we initiate the lease cycle in the spring or summer.  Leases that begin in the fall or winter will be short-term leases until the following spring or summer.

Can Success Rentals help me with improvements to get my property ready for renting?2021-12-09T19:13:33+00:00

Yes! We have an extensive list of local vendors for almost any project to get your home ready to rent. Examples of common improvements and repairs that may be needed in advance of listing are painters, electricians, plumbers, gardeners, handymen, carpet/flooring, etc. In such cases, we are working to get these items completed before being paid anything for the ongoing property management as a percentage of rent. Our project management fees for prepping the home is a 20% margin on the advance improvements/repairs we manage to make your home “rent ready”. There is no charge, of course, if you choose to handle the improvement/repair items yourself or hire your own people to do the work.

How do you screen prospective tenants?2021-12-09T19:13:38+00:00

Potential tenants of Success Rentals Property Management go through a rigorous screening to determine if they will meet the rental qualifications for each individual property. Aspects such as overall income, credit history, and past evictions are all considered to ensure tenants will be the right fit.

What establishes the monthly rental rate for my property?2021-12-09T19:13:38+00:00

Success Rentals will provide a rental market analysis to estimate and recommend the proper rent rate for your home based on similar homes in your area. We will not go live with your listing unit until the rental rate is agreed by you. While we strive to rent your property at a rate to maximize your income, it is sometimes necessary to make rent rate adjustments to achieve the property level of market attention.  If you want to get a free rent estimate, click here.

What forms do you require tenants to sign?2021-12-09T19:13:21+00:00

In Addition to the California Association of Realtors Standard Lease Agreement, we require tenants to sign a lock box addendum, a pet addendum, and a mold addendum.


Do you hold the security deposit?2021-12-09T19:13:25+00:00

We do not hold security deposits.  We send the security deposit directly to you, but request it back 7 days before the tenant is due to vacate the property.  This is to ensure there are enough funds to cover any needed repairs that are to be paid by the tenant.

How is rent collected and when do I get distribution of my owner funds?2021-12-09T19:13:37+00:00

Success Rentals handles the collection of rent monthly from the tenant by check, online bank payment through our tenant portal, or credit card. The rent is sent to you by the 10th of the following month after we take our fees and expenses. A monthly statement on all financial activity related to your property is available to you online at any time through the Owners Portal so you can keep up on what’s going on at any time.

How soon should I expect to receive a monthly rent check?2021-12-09T19:13:27+00:00

Your payments will begin following the first month’s rent cycle.  If the tenant has paid their rent on time, you should receive the rent for the prior month in your bank account no later than the 10th day of each month.

When do I pay you for your services?2021-12-09T19:13:23+00:00

The fees for our services, in addition to charges related to maintenance on the property for that month, are collected from your monthly payments before we send them to you.  We issue your payment before the 10th day of each month.

What is the procedure if we need to evict a tenant?2021-12-09T19:13:32+00:00

Success Rentals has not had an eviction since 2013!  In the event that we are unable to resolve an issue and must evict a tenant, we will work with a real estate attorney, including going to court on your behalf with the attorney. You will not need to be present in court. The only additional charge is a fee for posting notices.  This fee is listed in the property management agreement.


What is Success Rentals’ pet policy?2021-12-09T19:13:34+00:00

All pets/animals will be subject to a separate pet interview and we consider their acceptance on a case-by-case basis.  We charge a pet deposit of $300 per small dog; $400 per large dog; $400 per female cat; $500 per male cat.  We do not accept dogs of the following breeds: German Shepherd, Dobermann Pincher, Rottweiler, and Pit Bulls, as they are not allowed by our insurance company. We are required to give special consideration to Service Animals that are registered and certified to assist a tenant with special medical or emotional needs (proper and current documentation will be required for verification as part of the pet screening process).

Who will fix my property if something breaks?2021-12-09T19:13:14+00:00

We treat your property as if it were ours, and we order qualified vendors that suit the size and scope of the required repair.


Who do tenants call when there is a problem?2021-12-09T19:13:14+00:00

When a tenant has a needed repair or other issue that requires attention , they have access to us 24/7 and can reach us via text or phone call.

What other fees am I charged?2021-12-09T19:13:13+00:00

You are not charged additional fees!  In the case of repairs or maintenance, you only pay what we pay our vendor. We do not add on service fees for repairs.  In some cases, we may even be able to save you time and money by using our in-house vendors, reducing your costs further.

How are repairs and associated costs approved?2021-12-09T19:13:16+00:00

Some repairs are small, others are more substantial with multiple vendors.  We work together on an agreed upon threshold for costs associated with repairs that would not require direct communication with you.  We will make a call to you on anything above that threshold, but you can also opt for us to update you on any project we do on your property.