The Application Process

Application Process2021-12-20T19:31:10+00:00

Want to rent with us?  Here’s how to get started.

  • Request a rental application from us by emailing info@success.rentals

  • Fill out an application for each adult who will be on living on the property.

  • For each applicant/co-applicant, obtain a credit report through FreeCreditReport.com or AnnualCreditReport.com or another site of your choosing. Be sure to get the full report including the details and the actual scores for each bureau. Provide credit report with scores from all 3 credit bureaus for each adult.

  • Scan the signed application(s) and submit them with credit reports and scores to info@success.rentals — be sure to include the property address in subject line.

  • Bring any pets to open house for our pet interview.  

Tenant FAQs

Do you charge a rental application fee?2021-12-09T19:16:07+00:00

No, we do not.  We do require a credit check, and you pay for this.  There is typically a fee ranging from $0-$30 depending upon which website you use.

Do we need to submit all of our applications and credit reports together?2021-12-09T19:20:03+00:00

It is not a requirement that all applicants for a property file as one, but we ask that each applicant submit their application along with its own credit report.

What is your pet policy?2021-12-09T19:24:05+00:00

We allow up to 2 pets in a property, following a successful pet interview. We do not allow dogs of these breeds: German Shepherd, Dobermann Pincher, Rottweiler, Pit Bull, as they are not allowed by our insurance company.  We charge a pet deposit as follows: $300 per small dog; $400 per large dog; $400 per female cat; $500 per male cat.

Do I have to get renter’s insurance?2021-12-09T19:24:53+00:00

We require our tenants to obtain their own renter’s insurance.  We can provide you with reputed and reliable references upon request.

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